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How It works

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By using blockchain and the Stellar platform, remittances take a few minutes to reach their destination.

The users only needs to sign in, deposit the amount they wants to send and choose the way to deliver it.

The sender may opt for a bank account transfer, delivery to the door or a paypoint via which the money can reach the beneficiary.

It takes a few simple steps:

1. Download the MigrantCoin app.

2. Sign up to create an account.

3. Choose between a paypoint and a bank account (sender’s discretion) to purchase MIGRA.

4. Send the money.

MigrantCoin will then quickly process the transaction and deliver the money to the beneficiary in person, by courier.

The beneficiary will acknowledge the receipt of the money with an electronic signature..

Lastly, the sender will receive a confirmation in the app that the money was delivered successfully.

258 Million migrants

Spends 128 days on commuting in their lifetime to send money to relatives


Spending money is easy, sending them should be the same.

Aiming for a shift in the core structure of our money remittance system, we also seek for a change in the way we engage and commit to one another.

As we stride towards the comprehensive use of blockchain technology, new prospects of establishing sustainable communities arise.

MigrantCoin is such an opportunity, tying the senders and receivers more reliably, owing to the very ease attached to the remittance process.

In other words, we aim for a revolution

In the end, the future belongs to those who are able to challenge the state-of-things, to believe that they can do more and improve.

(Im)migrants do just that: they strive for improvement and hoping for a more serene future.

We see ourselves moving towards the same ideals and making MigrantCoin available at a large scale, to any migrant who wants to use it.

This will meam the opportunity to obtain easy access (that would otherwise be very difficult) to user-friendly and secure remittance mechanisms.

How it Works Big How it Works Small


Our journey has just begun


To enable migrants to send money to a recipient in their home country safely through blockchain .

Time saving

Time is money and so much more, and we urge you to keep this in mind.

A decentralized cryptocurrency remittance system will help people save precious hours they would otherwise waste on trips to the nearest bank or MTO.

Our solution will enable you to avoid commuting just for the sake of sending and receiving money.

Fully Secured

The world we envisage is one in which people have undeterred, steady access to the methods by which they can send and receive money making them feel the money they send/pick up is safe.

Risk free

Many receive money via occasional delivering parties, which raises the risk of losing it.

Even worse, the money may never reach its intended destination..

MigrantCoin seeks to eliminate this risk, by its user-powered structure allowing the detection of any potential error in the process of sending and receiving a specific sum of money, owing to the ensuing transparency and security of the system.


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Change and innovation are needed if we want to advance. MigrantCoin looks at the money remittance market and finds that there is room for improvement.
Our concept is being developed for migrants and those at home alike. We believe that our appreciation of the people will draw, their appreciation of our efforts. Without people, there would be no point for our struggle.
Following a careful analysis of the remittance market, we concluded that, the solutions offered to the problems of this market are rather similar. MigrantCoin seeks to implement an unique solutions to these issues and we believe that we can make a difference.
We believe that transparency in relation to the investors and our community is very important. We propose that all the amounts of money gathered in the ICO should be justified and we shall do our best to fulfill our commitments.
The MigrantCoin project is, first of all, the result of the desire to solve some of the needs of a specific category of people ((im)migrants) and, to make their lives easier.
Our main concern is to guarantee the amounts of money entrusted to us for their delivery to the destination indicated by the client. Your trust is our success – and we aim for it.
Conventional payment and money transfer systems cannot keep the pace with the human kind’s desire of quick and constant evolution. We are the result of the technological revolution and it is our duty to offer to the future generations the tools required for the same remittance of money, anywhere in the world, fast and risk-free.
MigrantCoin is a project aiming to make its services available across the world. This is a very difficult and complex process we alone cannot complete. For this reason, you will be happy to know that, in the countries where we will offer our services, you too can become our partner.

A strong team drawing on their broad experience

Our wonderful team is ready to achieve lasting results.

Team Member
Serban Victor
Chief Technical Officer
Serban Victor
Chief Technical Officer

Team Member
Adina Suciu
Business Advisor
Adina Suciu
Business Advisor

Team Member
Kiraly Tamas
Marketing Advisor
Kiraly Tamas
Marketing Advisor

Team Member
Madalin Vlad
Marketing Advisor
Madalin Vlad
Marketing Advisor

Have Any Questions?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

A platform started on the Stellar blockchain, meant for international money transfer, through a currency of the same name. The Migrantcoin platform applies especially to the immigrants who want to send money toward a recipient in their country of origin.

- The transactions are reversible.

- The guarantee of the amount in the case where the transaction is reversible..

- The money which is sent reaches directly the recipient’s address.

- We offer some of the lowest taxes on the market.

- They can send money with just a few clicks.

- Money which is sent reaches the receiver’s door.

- The money transfer is a matter of seconds.

- Bonuses for those who achieve a specific amount/value of the transactions.

Yes. Migrantcoin Ltd is an active company with the registered office located in Aldershot, Hampshire (UK). It can also be contacted via email at contact@migrantcoin.com.

- The high taxes applied in the case of international money transfers.

- It will simplify the difficult process through which the money dispatched by a sender reaches the recipient. You will be able to send money in just a few clicks.

- It will save a lot of time for customers, both for sender and receiver.

- We are considering other benefits for the holders, but we will disclose all these aspects at the right time..

Migrantcoin platform will operate under the legislation of UK.
First, Migrantcoin will develop its services for Europe, thereafter, with the growth of the business, it will extend worldwide.